Kaiya’s 7th Birthday

Kaiya had quite the celebration this year for her 7th birthday.  The festivities took place on 3 different days.

It started with Jason planning a getaway for our 16th anniversary on November 6th.  We rented a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Jason took a night off of work to stretch the weekend some.  And because of that, Jason was not able to take the night off for Kaiya’s birthday like she wanted.  Jason doesn’t usually take off for the children birthday’s but Kaiya was really wanting him to this year.  So we decided to take the gifts we had to the cabin and celebrate while we were there.  It made her birthday very special.

As always, Billy and Bobby came to celebrate.

We found them hanging on the back of the car when we went to leave for the cabin.  I brought them into the house but we were surprised when we arrived at the cabin.

Someone was very suspicious.

The next morning, Kaiya patiently waited for Daddy to get up.  Because of his work schedule and the 5 hour drive to the cabin, he had only slept 2 hours in the previous 30 hours.  So he was quite tired.  But once he was up, gifts were opened.

Kaiya asked for Frozen gifts.  And her request was granted.

I love her reaction when she got an Elsa doll.

She also loved her Elsa dress with a long train.

Once we got back from our trip, we celebrated with my family.  Grandma added a new Elsa picture to Kaiya’s birthday banner.

She also decorated her cake.

The boys stayed occupied while the ladies were in the kitchen.

Everyone was quite helpful in cleaning the beaters (and spatula).

Grandma made some chocolate snowflakes to put on the cake.

Top it off with some Frozen figures. Ta da!!!

After the cake was made, gifts were opened before dinner.

This picture is very special.  It used to hang in Grandma’s room when she was a little girl.  Kaiya’s Great-Great-Grandma painted it.  Kaiya has named her horse, Snowflake.

After Little Caesar’s Pizza, it was time for cake.

She even wanted to cut it herself.

Once we got home from Grandma and Grumpa’s house, Micah and I decorated for her birthday the next day.  Lots of pink and purple balloons were blown up.

And here is the birthday girl.

She got up early and made a run to Dunkin Donuts with Daddy.

Then she spent some time doing her paint-by-number that she got as a gift.

Our friends came by to drop off Kaiya’s birthday sign.

And we finished the day by watching the Frozen movie that she got for her birthday.

This birthday was very special in many ways and one I am sure she will remember for a long time.  She also gets to go to bed at 7:30pm rather than 7:00pm, which is a special and much anticipated privilege.

Ranen’s Baptism

Today was a very special day for Ranen.  It was his much anticipated baptism.  Ranen got saved a couple years ago but we wanted to make sure we saw fruit in his life before he was baptized.  Both Jason and I were baptized young though we were not born again.  So it was really important to us that we didn’t rush this.

Ranen was so excited about today.

We even got a nice surprise because our wonderful friends came to show their love and support.

Here is Ranen’s testimony.

Everyone is getting front row seats to the live event.

Ranen’s baptism was very special because Jason got to do it just like he did with mine.

Ranen got to decide where he wanted to eat his celebratory lunch.  Bojangles!!!

He even got a special gift.  A new ESV bible.

And a special message to always remember this day.

We finished off the day with some warm chocolate chip cookies that he helped make.  This was a day that I’m sure he will remember for the rest of his life because I know we will.

Sing Song

Kaiya recently bought the soundtrack to Frozen and has been diligently learning and singing the songs.  She asked that I recorded her singing a few of her favorites.

I tried to avoid the whole Frozen craze.  I don’t like all the hype and marketing surrounding it.  I let my children watch it about 2 years after it came out thinking, the hype had died down.  Guess not!  Avoiding it went over about as well as trying to avoid the Princess craze or the Pink craze.  When something makes your little girl so happy, you tend to cave a little.  So we are in full Frozen craze mode (mind you, a couple years too late).  So all Kaiya wants for her birthday is Anna and Elsa stuff.  But back to my pink wearing princess singing Frozen songs.

Frozen Heart

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman

For The First Time In Forever

For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)

One-Handed Cartwheels

Micah told me the other day that he could do a one-handed cartwheel.  I needed to see for myself.  After a few warm-up tries (and Mommy get the camera angle right), he has it down.

When I told Ranen and Kaiya the next day that Micah could do a one-handed cartwheel, Kaiya said she could do it too.  On her first try, she nailed it.