Kaiya’s Piercing

Kaiya came to me last week and said she wanted her ears pierced.  I had told her in the past that she could but always waited for her to bring it up.  I didn’t have a certain age she needed to wait till, although I had to be nine.  I just wanted it to be her decision.

So when she said it last week, I started researching.  I found a thread on Facebook talking about local places that did piercings. So many comments said to avoid Claire’s or Walmart or other places like that.  They use the gun, and you are forcing a blunt object through the ear.  Besides the fact that they are not sterile and they don’t always heal correctly.  All of which I experienced while getting my ears pierced.

I decided to have hers done at a tattoo parlor, where they use a sterile needle.  Kaiya did such a wonderful job and didn’t shed a tear.  I had prepared her for the fact that she would need to turn them several times a day while they healed and we would have to clean them with hydrogen peroxide.  All of which were wrong.  We are not to touch them unless we are cleaning them with salt water 3-6 times a day or in the shower.

Since this was such a special day for Kaiya, I asked my sister and mom to join us.

You can see these are not your ordinary earrings.  They are longer to account for swelling.

Afterwards, my mom wanted to take her to get some earrings.

And Amber got her this cute little ring.

The boys were feeling left out, so I told them to talk to Daddy about that.  Maybe he could do something fun with them.  He certainly did.  They went to a comic book store and got some Star Wars comic books and the new Kanan comic from the Rebels series.

It was a wonderful day for all.

Ouch! Another Tooth

Micah and Kaiya were in my bedroom playing.  We heard her screaming. Come to find out, she had a blanket over her head and fell face first into my dresser.  She lost a tooth in the process.  Not exactly how you would want to lose a tooth.

It looks so much better now AND she got a dollar for loosing a tooth.  The other one is pretty loose now and it won’t be long before she doesn’t have either of her front teeth.

Roller Skating

Finally, we were able to go skating.  Everyone was feeling better and we could enjoy this generous and thoughtful fun time that Ranen wanted to treat us to with the money he had saved.

The children improved so much in the short 2.5 hours we were there.

Look at those smiles.  Another advantage of homeschooling, is we can go skating in the middle of  the week and have it all pretty much to ourselves.

Love this picture.

While skating, a woman had brought her two younger daughters.  I kept catching her looking at me.  It wasn’t until I went to the bathroom with Kaiya that I figured out why she was probably looking at me.  She didn’t know if I was going to pass out or not.

I remember in High School after running the mile, everyone would say, “Are you ok Jessica?”  Because my face would always get really red like this.  I was fine, just red.

This time I was red, but towards the end, I was not fine.  I think my legs were getting tired and I fell pretty hard.

Everyone fell for that matter.  The children countless time but Jason fell a couple of times and one time in particular, really hard on his bum.  He kept expecting  a bruise but it must have been a deep tissue bruise.

After our skating was over, Hockey was starting, so we stayed for a few minutes to watch.

Afterwards, we went to Red Robin because that is where Ranen wanted to eat for his birthday.  No Dunkin Donuts…surprise….surprise.

It was a wonderful and full day filled with memory making.


Micah has been wanting to grow his hair out longer.  He either has to go really short or longer with the double cowlick he has in the back.  He has done the short cut before, so he wanted to try the longer hair style for a change.  I took him to a hair salon around the corner from us to get it shaped and so I could learn how to do it myself.  Lisa, our hair dresser was really great and walked me step by step through how to cut his hair.

Micah looks great with it cleaned up a little.  But there was not a huge difference.  I love the color of his hair when it is longer.

Since Micah got a hair cut, I had been wanting to clean Kaiya’s up a little too.  It had been a year since I last cut her hair.  Unfortunately, the ends were pretty frayed with her trying to get all her tangles out daily.  But since it had been so long, I had to cut off more than I wanted, or she wanted for that matter.  I need to actually give her trims more often so I don’t have to cut off as much.

Kaiya was not happy with how short her hair turned out, as you can see from the picture below.

Ranen decided quickly after Micah got his hair cut, that he wanted his buzzed.  He has done buzz cuts before but this time he wanted it really short like Daddy’s.  I asked a couple of times if he was sure he wanted it that short because if he didn’t like it, I couldn’t change it.   He would just have to let it grow out.

He took a deep breath and said, “Do it!!!!”  I used a guard to get a lot of the bulk off and then changed to the straight razor with no guard.   As soon as I did the first strip, Micah and Kaiya were like “Woah!!!!!”  When I was done, they said that it felt like Ranen left and they got another brother.  Ranen looked so different.  Ranen loves it and has been getting a lot of attention from it.  So much so that the day after Micah got his trimmed at the Salon, he said he wanted his buzzed.  Sorry buddy, we paid for this haircut and you are sticking with it…lol.