Sing Song

Kaiya recently bought the soundtrack to Frozen and has been diligently learning and singing the songs.  She asked that I recorded her singing a few of her favorites.

I tried to avoid the whole Frozen craze.  I don’t like all the hype and marketing surrounding it.  I let my children watch it about 2 years after it came out thinking, the hype had died down.  Guess not!  Avoiding it went over about as well as trying to avoid the Princess craze or the Pink craze.  When something makes your little girl so happy, you tend to cave a little.  So we are in full Frozen craze mode (mind you, a couple years too late).  So all Kaiya wants for her birthday is Anna and Elsa stuff.  But back to my pink wearing princess singing Frozen songs.

Frozen Heart

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman

For The First Time In Forever

For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)

One-Handed Cartwheels

Micah told me the other day that he could do a one-handed cartwheel.  I needed to see for myself.  After a few warm-up tries (and Mommy get the camera angle right), he has it down.

When I told Ranen and Kaiya the next day that Micah could do a one-handed cartwheel, Kaiya said she could do it too.  On her first try, she nailed it.